Over the years I have visited many of Australia’s (and the World’s) most popular wine regions, self-appointing myself as a top-notch wine judge! I recently spent time in the up-and-coming tourist destination of Orange, and have nothing but fantastic reviews. It may not be the first destination that would have come to mind when planning an Australian wine getaway but it really should be!

Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Sydney and 2 hours from the Blue Mountains it is the perfect long weekend destination or a fantastic add on to a larger NSW holiday. With the high altitude and cool temperatures during growing season, Orange is an ideal region for growing and winemaking. Unlike some of the well-known wine regions of Australia, Orange has always been quite large producers of wine, however the cellar door experience is still fairly young. This is what I LOVED and made the trip so memorable. At each tasting we were met by the owners or the winemakers of the vineyard. They were passionate about the wines, from seed to bottle, and you could tell they were genuine when they expressed how happy they were to have you. It’s the intimate experiences like this that we tend to remember.

To compliment the amazing wineries Orange now has some really lovely accommodation options. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel, a cottage on a vineyard or a homely apartment, Orange has the lot. And if you are not sold on Orange yet, they have a hatted restaurant that is renowned for their cheese soufflé. I can confirm it is worth the trip for that alone!

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